About us

We are a local project which promotes ecologically and socially responsible tourism. 😀

We believe in working with a team of guides dedicated to the city of Barcelona as much as we are.  That’s why we insist on working with freelance guides who are actively involved in Barcelona’s contemporary culture as artists, musicians, dancers, poets, etc.  That’s the stuff great guides are made of in our book!!

In regards to the Free Tour, the idea is simple; join the tours without paying a cent, let the guide show you the best of the city with their unique entertaining style, and you decide at the end what the tour was worth to you.

Free Walking Tours Barcelona a very clear concept.  We want to provide tours which get into the city’s rich history without neglecting the present.  We want to share the best of the city that is always developing around us while trying to ensure it develops in a positive way. 😀 Hope to see you on a tour soon!!

Our guides