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Spanish Civil War Free Tour

The Spanish Civil War was the precursor to WWII. On this tour you will come to understand this
incredibly important and complicated conflict that led to a 36 year dictatorship and would change Spain
Barcelona was one of the major centres of resistance against the rise of fascism and suffered greatly for
it. It’s where George Orwell arrived as he joined the International Brigade and he wrote “Homage to
Catalonia” about his time here.
We’ll see scars and damage from the aerial bombings, neighborhoods that were hotbeds for popular
uprisings and resistance, places that George Orwell describes in his book and historic photos from this
We’ll talk about what causes lead to the war, make sense of the many different groups fighting with and
against each other, how the war ended and what living under Franco’s dictatorship was like.
By the end of this tour you’ll understand why the sunny beach town of Gaudí and Picasso was once
known as one of the most violent and turbulent cities in Europe.

Spanish Civil War Free Tour

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Spanish Civil War Free Tour
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